MBWhatsApp iOS Changelog

MBWhatsApp iOS Changelog

As a well-liked substitute for the official WhatsApp app, MBWhatsApp iOS stands out in the constantly changing world of messaging apps. Maintaining current with MBWhatsApp iOS’s updates is essential to making the most of its features and guaranteeing a safe, secure messaging experience. Looking for more information? Here you can get details of the changelog of the mbwhtspk

Version 1.1

Version 1.1 was mostly concerned with fixing bugs and enhancing performance after the original release. With fewer crashes and glitches, users reported a smoother experience.

  • More adorable themes
  • Better Interface
  • Lovely New emojis added

Version 1.0

The extra control users had over their communications environment delighted them.

  • Fix light and dark mode issue
  • The message can be edited
  • Double account

Version 9.96

Version 9.96 of MBWhatsApp marked a significant turning point by adding a ton of new features and a stylish makeover. The arrival of Dark Mode—a feature that users had been clamouring for—was the high point of this update.

  • More themes
  • Amazing Interface
  • Bundles of new emojis added.
  • Some users reported the chat issue, which was not accessible on some other devices.

Version 9.74

Message scheduling and auto-reply settings were among the advanced messaging features included in version 9.74.

  • This version allows you to send and receive messages using a different voice and the sounds you’ve chosen.
  • Tablet mode compatibility
  • Some users reported the chat issue, which was not accessible on some other devices.
  • This most recent version effectively addresses a few of the interface-related problems that consumers have mentioned.

Version 9.72

  • The message and name colour on the home screen have been rectified for a better user experience. 
  • After receiving requests from users, the message counter is now functioning properly.


  • More astonishing emojis were added for a better communication experience. 
  • You can enjoy more fonts in this version with bold and semi-bold features as well.


  • Anti-banned issue fixed
  • Errors that users face in the conversation are fixed. 

MBWhatsApp with Scarlet iOS

MBWhatsApp iOS is an alternative version of WhatsApp for iPhone users, offering enhanced features and customization options not available in the official app.

Yes, MBWhatsApp iOS offers extensive customization options, including custom themes, privacy settings, and user interface adjustments to tailor the app to your preferences.

To update MBWhatsApp iOS, visit the official website or repository where the app is hosted and follow the provided instructions for downloading and installing the latest version.

Over the course of its various updates, MBWhatsApp iOS has continuously evolved to meet the needs of its users. From enhanced privacy settings and custom themes to major redesigns and advanced messaging options, each version has brought significant improvements and new features.

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