Fouad WhatsApp Download Latest Version for Android 2024

Fouad WhatsApp Download Latest v9.98 for Android 2024

The Fouad WhatsApp chat software has many additional features and customization choices that aren’t in the standard WhatsApp program. Fouad WhatsApp users may personalize their chat experience with customizable themes, improved privacy settings, and extensive messaging features.

The functions and UI of this program are currently the same as those of the widely used WhatsApp mode. On GB WhatsApp. The only differences are in the UI and package name. I’ll guide you through the process and now provide you with the Fouad WhatsApp Android link.

Application Details of Fouad WhatsApp Download Latest v9.98 for Android 2024


Fouad WhatsApp


76.1 MB




Fouad MODS

Android Requires

5.1 or up

What is Fouad WhatsApp APK?

The current Fouad WhatsApp iOS offers many features in terms of customization, privacy, security, MOD features, and more. Alter the program’s main icon. Post images or videos of the highest caliber.

You may use this link to download Fouad WhatsApp v9.98 directly to your device. This original WhatsApp Mod offers the greatest experience and the best MOD features. Interestingly, the file size is only 76.1 MB, containing multiple MOD features. Fouad WhatsApp is a reliable chat app and a great mod for WhatsApp.

How to Download Fouad WhatsApp Latest v9.98 for Android 2024

Learn how to download Fouad WhatsApp’s latest version, v9.98, easily on your Android device with our straightforward guide. Discover the simple steps to access new features and enhancements for an enriched messaging experience. And they stop it right away if they detect any threat.

In this article, I’ll explain how to download the most recent Fouad WhatsApp version safely on any Android device. You can download Fouad WhatsApp on your phone with careful attention to detail.

1st Step : Click on the above button to visit the download page of Fouad WhatsApp.

2nd Step :After the page loads, select the “Download” option. You will submit your request to the third-party server to send the Fouad WhatsApp file to your browser.

Click on the Fouad WhatsApp Download Button

Click on OK to start downloading Fouad WhatsApp.

Downloading Fouad WhatsApp is quite easy, and all these steps will take you a few minutes to follow. Turn off Play Protect and resume the download if it prevents you from downloading Fouad WhatsApp on your phone.

How to Install Fawad WhatsApp iOS on Android Phone without Deleting WhatsApp Chats.

You will lose your whole chat history if you don’t. Here, I will guide you on installing Fouad WhatsApp and safely migrating all the WhatsApp messenger data into it.

1: Don’t uninstall WhatsApp Messenger from your phone; turn on the Unknown sources from your Android settings.

2: Go to the download folder in your browser, find and choose the Fouad WhatsApp that you just downloaded.

3: After installation, close the installer by clicking the Done option.

4: Locate the Fouad WhatsApp icon in your App Drawer and click to open it.

5: After it launches, select “Agree” to proceed.

6: A “Copy WhatsApp Data” option appears beneath the “Enter your Mobile Number” field. Click that.

7: Enter your mobile number and use the OTP to confirm it.

8: We shall disregard this strategy as we have already employed a different approach to restore data.

9: All you must do is click Continue after entering your profile name and photo.

Fouad WhatsApp android Features

Like other WhatsApp MODS, Fouad WhatsApp has many advanced features that help customize appearance, security, and privacy. If you are unfamiliar with it, you should know its stunning features to use it properly. Here, I will show you all the mind-blowing features of Fouad WhatsApp that you should use.

Privacy Features

You can see photos and videos multiple times with this recently added privacy function.

One more Privacy option of Fouad WhatsApp iPhone eliminates the post’s forwarded tag.

You might consider using this MOD function if making calls on WhatsApp consistently annoys you. You can control who can call you with this. By default, you can receive calls on WhatsApp from anyone. You can modify this option to My contacts, My contacts except…, Select contacts, Nobody, etc. You won’t receive calls on your Fouad WhatsApp if you set Nobody.

This additional WhatsApp privacy feature prevents users from removing your status update.

An awesome chat privacy feature that stops others from erasing a message they’ve sent you. That will be readable by you. Many Fouad WhatsApp users take advantage of that great privacy feature.

Security Features:

You must utilize Fouad WhatsApp’s excellent security feature to keep your WhatsApp chat private from prying eyes. You have complete customization options and may set the password to PIN or Pattern.

Fouad WhatsApp has an in-built theme store where you can Download and install free customized themes online.

Through this feature, you can load Yo Theme stored on your phone storage.

It allows Backup and restoration of WhatsApp data and provides a Titanium Backup app-like experience.

Fouad WhatsApp update FAQs

Here, we will answer the most frequently asked questions about Fouad WhatsApp.

To update Fouad’s WhatsApp, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Google Play Store on your Android device.
  2. Tap on the menu icon (three horizontal lines) in the top-left corner.
  3. Select “My apps & games” from the menu.
  4. Scroll down to find Fouad’s WhatsApp in the list of installed apps.
  5. If an update is available, you’ll see an “Update” button next to Fouad’s WhatsApp. Tap on it to start the update process.

Fouad WhatsApp is like stock WhatsApp, with the same package name (com. WhatsApp). You can temporarily turn off the Play Protect from Play Store settings and install Fouad WhatsApp.

You’ll have to use its native backup feature called Titanium Backup. Using it, you can create your chat backup and save it offline in your phone’s storage. You can access the Fouad WhatsApp native backup from Mod Settings>Universal>Backup and Restore.

  1. Open Fouad WhatsApp on your device.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the chat list and tap on “Archived chats.”
  3. Long-press on the chat you want to unhide.
  4. Tap on the three dots in the upper-right corner.
  5. Select “Unarchive” from the menu.
  6. The chat will now be visible again in your main chat list.


Fouad WhatsApp offers users a customizable and feature-rich messaging experience with enhanced privacy options and additional functionalities. With its features and user-friendly interface, Fouad WhatsApp provides a compelling alternative to the official WhatsApp application. Fouad WhatsApp is popular for those seeking personalized messaging solutions with advanced features and customization options.

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