MB WhatsApp iOS APK v9.98 Download (Mar 2024) Update

MB WhatsApp iOS APK v9.98 Download Latest Version Official (2024)

MB WhatsApp iOS is an updated version of the WhatsApp application. Its incredible features include the ability to customize the theme, auto-reply, privacy protection, hide last seen, different fonts, BlueTick, and direct downloading of statuses without additional software, allowing users to use two accounts. Moreover, with this application, you can quickly check who blocks you. Thus, click the link below to download the MB WhatsApp iOS APK file and use even more incredible features!

Here, we would like to introduce you to MB WhatsApp iOS. Without wasting time, let me tell you how this APK iOS is better than the official version of WhatsApp.

App Name

MB WhatsApp iOS

App Size

86.6 MB




Stefano YG



Updated on

Mar 2024

Install MB WhatsApp, or MB iOS, to get the iOS WA interface on your Android device. You can install the app with several theme options on your Android smartphone by downloading and installing the MB WhatsApp APK file. Because it is a customized (MOD) version of WhatsApp with additional functionality, this APK file is not available on the App Store or the Google Play Store. Let’s go through every aspect of MB iOS WA. This version isn’t accessible online, much like JT WhatsApp.

This app is currently available in MB WhatsApp version 9.98 (Update). You can use two accounts on the same device to personalize your chats without having to remove the original WhatsApp app by downloading the most recent version of the APK file for Android straight from the link.

Installing the MB WhatsApp APK is easy if your phone has enough capacity and a reliable internet connection.

1: The next step is to open the file from your downloaded section (the file manager on your device), follow the on-screen instructions, and click Install after downloading the file from the top button.

2: You must first enable the installation of apps from unknown sources in your phone’s settings for this to work properly. (Options > Security > Unidentified Sources)

3: Once the required authorization has been given, watch for a short while as the installation finishes.

4: After it’s finished, the MB WhatsApp icon will appear on your home screen. To ensure seamless operation, click to launch MB WhatsApp, input your phone number, and proceed with the verification process.

5: If you want to utilize this application on a PC running Windows, click this link to check out a detailed installation tutorial for MB iOS.

After installing this software, users may use its unique capabilities on their phones. Now that I’ve revealed all there is to know about the fascinating features, updates, download links, and installation procedures of MB WhatsApp, let’s get started!

Hide Online Status

Users of the MB WhatsApp iOS APK may hide their online status. Go to the Settings → “Privacy” section and click to enable “Hide online status” if you want to prevent specific contacts from knowing your online state so they can concentrate on the task at hand.

Freeze Last Seen

MB WhatsApp update 2024 can hide the last seen with no other restrictions. You may view the previous information you saw about your contacts with it, and clicking the three dots on the app’s home screen will hide your click from other users. Flip the switch to freeze, as last seen under Settings → Privacy.

Dual Accounts

WhatsApp, irrespective of other applications, has become a daily necessity for millions of users. So, one of the main drawbacks we usually encounter with this official WhatsApp is the need for dual accounts in the same Android. All we want is the privacy of our numbers, and we wish to contact others with separate numbers to escape daily disturbance. But it’s pretty annoying to handle different phones for this purpose; therefore, using 2 WhatsApp accounts on the same Android is an excellent way to hold this issue. So, thanks to this MB WhatsApp, you can enjoy this cool feature easily.

Display Blue Tick marks Only After the reply

Sometimes, users are too busy to respond, which can cause miscommunications. For individuals who struggle with these issues, MB WhatsApp is a blessing. It can prevent you from being unable to respond to messages on time by only displaying a blue tick once you have responded.

iOS Themes Store

This MBWA’s primary goal is to give Android consumers an iOS user experience. Both light and dark themes can be used. It does, nevertheless, support a few third-party themes.

New Sticker Manager

The majority of sticker apps are incompatible with WAMODS. Stefano YG developed a unique program for individuals like us that can be downloaded via the MB settings.

Hide group/contact info

This is a practical feature to have when you want to snap a picture and keep the contact/group details private. When on the chat page, simply long-tap the contact or group icon to conceal details.

Message scheduler/Auto Reply

The “Auto Reply” feature is one of this app’s most impressive features. This excellent functionality allows you to create personalized automatic responses for various messages. Both the pre-instruction and the delivery time can be specified. To set up an auto-reply on MB WhatsApp, click this link.

Anti-Delete Messages

Every chat log on MB WhatsApp terbaru has an anti-deletion feature. Even if the other person deletes a private message or group text message right away, you can still view it on the program interface.

Anti-Delete Status

MB WhatsApp will provide you with an unjust benefit. Users can view stories that other contacts have erased by turning on the Anti-Delete Status function. This gives you an advantage over the standard WhatsApp and lets you closely monitor your friends’ activities.

MB WhatsApp iOS is a popular WhatsApp Mod which allows users to enjoy the iOS experience on Android devices for free. It comes with com. mbwa package name, which is aimed at running dual accounts on the same Android device with the help of the Fouad iOS app.

Go to the app settings >> MB Preferences >> Universal >> Backup and Restore.

Yes. It is safe to use MB WhatsApp without any doubt. The developer Stefano YG is a well-known personality, and It is based on Fouad WhatsApp. Also, Yousef Al-Basha (YoWa) dev is also a team member of this project.

Transfer chats from WhatsApp to MB WhatsApp (MBWA) on iOS by exporting chats from WhatsApp, then importing them into MB WhatsApp.

MB WhatsApp iOS APK provides users with a modified version of WhatsApp, offering additional features and customization options tailored for iOS devices. While it enhances the messaging experience, users should consider potential security risks associated with modified applications and ensure they download from reputable sources. Overall, MB WhatsApp iOS APK offers a compelling alternative for iOS users seeking enhanced functionality in their messaging app.

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