How To Use MB WhatsApp IOS To Hide And Lock Personal Chat

introduction of MB WhatsApp Hide And Lock

Without any question, millions of people apply the incredible Mb WhatsApp iPhone software, which is available to download. Users adore using the official WhatsApp because it has interesting features. Not only can users download status directly, hide the last seen for a specific contact, and select other languages with the MB WhatsApp iOS APK, but you can also hide and lock personal chat in under a minute.

You need not download and install different unnecessary external apps to utilize this function if you’ve already installed the fantastic MB Whatsapp iPhone on your Android app and want to add private layer by safeguarding your personal friends family discussion on it. You can quickly accomplish this after updating MBWhatsApp iOS on your phone.

Many people regularly protect the photos and conversations of friends and family members in order to keep their lives private from strangers. Sadly, WhatsApp lacks comprehensive chat privacy options while being the most demanding and popular program worldwide. Consequently, in order to remove WhatsApp photographs from the gallery, we frequently need to install many programs from the Google Play Store. Furthermore, it is not possible to hide private conversations on the official WhatsApp app.

Therefore, the majority of users prefer to utilize other well-known WhatsApp customized versions on their Android devices, such as GB WhatsApp, An Whatsapp, AdWhatsApp, and MBWhatsApp. since these offer a lot more features than the original WhatsApp. Users of MB WhatsApp iOS APK are able to lock their personal chats with passwords in addition to being able to hide them. Let me pull back the curtain on them and talk about these very easy steps.

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As we’ve already covered, the built-in lock function of the MB WhatsApp iOS APK allows you to keep private images, videos, and messages from being seen by others. To apply a fingerprint lock, password, or PIN to a particular contact or chat, follow these instructions from the settings;

  • Make sure the most recent MBWhatsApp APK has been downloaded and installed. Then, just click the app on your Android device and select Settings. This amazing program has a setting icon that you can see in the lower right corner.
  • click to the ‘Lock’ option. Here, you have to enter one security question and a brief password.
  • Go back to the main screen of the application and long press the particular chat that you want to hide. After that, select “Hide Chat” by tapping the three dots at the top. Once chosen, you can secure this chat with a PIN or a fingerprint lock. As a result, the discussion will become invisible to everyone on the chat list.
  • But the next time you want to start a chat conversation with the particular individual you’ve protected your discussion with, you’ll have to enter a password first. The MB WhatsApp iOS APK has this awesome function. For additional information about this setting, you can also view this YouTube video.

It’s easy to enable the “Auto Reply” feature in MB WhatsApp iOS. Simply open the app, then tap “More” in the top-right corner. Find and touch the “Auto Reply” option now.y.

Really, you can! You can use a password or pin as an alternative to your fingerprints to use this feature.

Locking and hiding confidential messages on the MB You may easily complete the WhatsApp iOS APK in under a minute. You won’t need to install any third-party apps from the Google Play Store after using this app for a while because it has built-in features.

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