Top Tricks of MB WhatsApp

Top Secrets, Tricks, and Customizations for MB WhatsApp in 2024

I’ve come to the perfect site if you use MB WhatsApp and are looking for suggestions, secret features, and customization options. I’ll take you through changing a few MBWA settings to improve the user experience in this article MB WhatsApp Customization and Top Tricks, Secrets.

Similarly to GB WhatsApp, JTWhatsApp, MB WhatsApp is a customized version of WhatsApp with extra features and customization that the original WhatsApp does not. Many users find it to be the most popular WhatsApp given its special privacy features.

You will be able to use many MB WhatsApp strategies once you have read this tutorial. First, select the setting choice that is located on the right. Because of its iOS design, MB WhatsApp Pro is the most demanding product available

The MB WhatsApp preference.

Now select Conversation Screen by scrolling down.

It will open on a new screen. Click the option bar now. Clicking on the color change option will now allow you to change the action bar’s color. Two options are displayed: gradient and plain colors. Make your own color selection. It allows you to select the shading of the action panel. You have endless color options.

By joining the settings, you can add the following devices to your user interface

  • MB WhatsApp allow you to hide the picture of a contact profile.
  • Hide contact name is an other option.
  • Make use of the discussion’s counter-hiding option.
  • Disable contact status is available.
  • The call button may also be hidden.
  • Change the message color and background of the contact status.
  • The style of the discussion tool bar is also configurable.


All of the MB WA tips, settings, and options should, in theory, make you feel more at ease when speaking and conducting business. You will leave a comment below if you’re still unclear about MB WhatsApp.

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