SM WhatsApp APK Download

SM WhatsApp APK Download Updated Version v 4.1.0 (2024)

It’s another advanced, modified-free version of the original WhatsApp application without any ads. It comes with a lot of mind-blowing features, like zooming in on the profile of a WhatsApp contact, theme customization (iOS), auto-reply, more control over privacy and security, hiding last seen, and individual chat lock. Click the below link to download the APK file of SM WhatsApp and enjoy more astonishing features!

SM WhatsApp is a popular WhatsApp mod program these days, much like MB WhatsApp IOS. Without hesitation, you should give SMWhatsApp a try if you’re searching for a highly modified version of WhatsApp to replace your regular one.

Although official WhatsApp is a most ubiquitous application, with over 2 billion active users in 2023 and 2024, sadly speaking, it still lacks many incredible features that users usually want in their daily lives. Most of the marvelous features that users wish for are limitless data transfer, privacy lock on specific chats, high blue tick, status downloader, and more, which are not available in ordinary WhatsApp, which is quite disappointing.

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The popular application WhatsApp has been updated to create SM WhatsApp, often known as SM WhatsApp APK. Its goal is to offer users additional fascinating features that aren’t included in the original WhatsApp. Brian Acton, Jan Koum, and Brian Omelian also created it. It functions flawlessly on all platforms, including Windows Phone, iPhone, and iPad. In summary, it offers its customers a better messaging experience with more features and is completely free to use with no fees or advertisements.

The Sm WhatsApp mod APK is one of the best applications, with innovative features and an exquisite look. It is the same as the official WhatsApp but comes with more privacy control and customization options. With this application, you can add friends via a third-party graph API and share photos, files, and videos with one click without any limit.

Furthermore, this application isn’t limited to Android because iOS users can undoubtedly enjoy it after downloading the APK file on their mobile and even following the step-by-step guidelines mentioned below. However, you can access this application from the Google Play Store or an app store for iPhone; therefore, you need to visit the trusted site link mbwhtspk for this purpose.

After getting the necessary information, you might wonder why you should have this application on your Android, PC, or iOS. Well, here are the exciting and most well-linked features because users worldwide prefer this application over ordinary WhatsApp, so let’s discuss them one by one.

Zooming in the Profile Pictures

It’s one of the best features that makes this application stand out from other modified versions of WhatsApp. This hilarious option allows you to take a closer look at any contact’s profile picture, whether they’ve edited it with the famous application Alight Motion Mod APK without a watermark download or any other app.

Status Downloader

It’s a striking feature where you don’t need to request your contact to send the heart-touching status to your gallery. Because after downloading this remarkable application, you’re just one click away. You can download the status on your phone from the small download icon, which usually appears at the bottom, and save it on your phone with one click.

DND Mode

Amidst playing favorite games, often the freaking WhatsApp notification is quite irritating, right? But now you don’t need to worry at all because SM WhatsApp comes with a DND mode )Do Not Disturb). You can turn on and enjoy your favorite game, whether PUBG, Geometry Dash APK, or Ludo, without any hassle!

Custom Notifications

You can also set a custom ringtone for your favorite contact separately with the help of SM WhatsApp. You can even turn off notifications for a specific individual you don’t like to chat with. In a nutshell, this WhatsApp application gives you more control to customize your whole app, whether it’s a theme, an icon, or a notification. It’s an all-in-one app with a lot of exciting features exclusively available on this.

Dark Mode

Using mobile phones in darkness with high brightness levels causes blindness in the users. Therefore, eye comfort comes at the top. So, dark mode is another awesome feature that I love. It provides more comfort to users like me, who are night owls. The eye-friendly interface enhances the user’s visual experience.

Anti-Revoke Message

Now, there’s no need to install junky apps from the Play Store to recover apparently deleted messages. After turning this setting on, you can always see any messages, even if the sender has deleted them from their end. Moreover, it won’t tell the sender that you’ve read the messages and that they still exist on your side.

Freeze Your Last Seen

Do you want to use WhatsApp in ghost mode by not letting others know you’re active on WhatsApp? Then you can do this, buddy. After downloading the SMS WhatsApp, turn on the feature named “Free Last Seen.” With this function, you can freeze the last seen for all your users, and they will think you’re not active on WhatsApp for many hours and even days! So, it’s another wonderful function that you’ll get in the SMWhatsApp freely.

Hide Typing and Recording

With this tremendous application, you can easily hide recording and typing indicators from your contacts while composing your messages and audio messages.

Hiding Online Status:

SM WhatsApp allows you to hide your online status from all or specific contacts, providing greater privacy.


Many other WhatsApp mods are often banned for any reason, which is disappointing for users. However, SMWA has been designed with ban-proof functionality and is considered one of the most reliable messaging platforms.

Call Blocking Options:

Control who can call you on SM WhatsApp, blocking unwanted calls without blocking the contact entirely.

Individual Chat Lock:

Often, we’ve got business contacts with whom we want to keep our chat private and protected. Moreover, sometimes, we are very possessive about our privacy and don’t want to share our personal lives with anyone. Unfortunately, in ordinary WhatsApp, we can only use a lock for the whole app, not for a specific contact. However, SM WhatsApp allows you to protect a single chat with any particular contact and provides you with more privacy control. Additionally, you can easily use a PIN, password, or fingerprint for a specific conversation and set this as an invisible contact in your WhatsApp.

Enhanced Security Measures:

SM WhatsApp includes security features like app lock and fingerprint authentication to protect your chats from unauthorized access.

  • Since SMWA comes with numerous unique features that aren’t feasible to explain one by one, let me briefly mention some others so that you can learn about them, too.
  • It comes with many themes with distinct looks and color palettes that you can use as per your choice and needs.
  • You can customize the layout of chats with background wallpapers and even a 3D design. Moreover, you can customize your display photo with text and stickers. 
  • You can also set sender names in the chat bubbles, which look very cool!
  • You can also enjoy the auto-reply feature in this application.
  •  You can hide the call button from the contact chat.
  • You can express your thoughts on WhatsApp status with 250 words using this application, which gives a more enchanting look.
  • Furthermore, you can hide view status without telling people you’ve viewed it many times. 
  • You can set adorable and stylish app icons in this application.

Undoubtedly, there are countless custom-built, modified versions of WhatsApp. So, the question is: Why is it the most widely used application worldwide? Well, here are some reasons that users like most about this application, making it their favourite:

  • Firstly, it provides smooth performance with anti-ban functionality.
  • Secondly, the privacy and security in WhatsApp are stricter than in other modified applications.
  • Thirdly, it allows users to download images and videos of high quality in the blink of an eye.
  • Personalization Options: Personalize your app’s appearance with SM WhatsApp’s extensive features.
  • Lastly, it offers stylish themes, fonts, emojis, and cool stickers, eliminating the need to download additional, unnecessary apps.

Although it’s not available in the Google Play Store, the downloading process for this application is quite simple. Just follow the below-mentioned steps, and then you’re ready to use this app on your mobile.

  • Visit the most trusted website, mbwhtspk, and click on the download link to get this new-style WhatsApp for your Android or iOS device.
  • Now, just wait a few seconds to download this file; once it’s downloaded, you can visit the file manager folder to locate it. However, before installing, you need to go to your phone’s settings and, under the Security Options, enable ‘Unknown Sources’ to allow this app to access your device storage.
  • Now, click on ‘Install.’ Once the installation is complete, enter your phone number for a verification code. After that, you can set your SM WhatsApp dp according to your choice and get ready to enjoy with this new model WhatsApp!

Individual Experience:

I’m a WhatsApp mod lover and always prefer using new modified versions of WhatsApp. I’ve tried many mod versions, but honestly, this one is the best. It’s an anti-banned application that works like a charm, with amazing features that aren’t available in ordinary WhatsApp. After using it for a month, I decided to write this review so that other users can also give it a try and enjoy it in their daily lives. 

To use this application on your Android and iPhone, ensure you meet the following requirements for a seamless experience.

  • Android: OS 4.1 or above
  • KaiOS: 2.5.0 or above
  • iPhone: iOS 7 or above

Indeed, this application is the most secure with strict privacy, so it’s safe to use, just like the original WhatsApp.

Yes, you can surely do this from your settings with ease because there are many icons you can set as per your needs. 

No, we regularly update our files so it’s free from any virus.

You can update the old version of this app from the link provided above, which contains the latest version of this app.

If you’re tired of using regular WhatsApp and are looking for a stylish mod with enchanting features, try this SM WhatsApp. It won’t disappoint you like some other options that often get banned. With highly improved communication features, it not only saves your time by allowing you to send direct messages to any unsaved number, but it also gives you control over your privacy. In a nutshell, it’s a fantastic alternative to other modified versions of WhatsApp, much like the MB WhatsApp iOS APK, which has gained popularity worldwide in a short time.

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