KB WhatsApp Download APK v33 (Updated) 2024

KB WhatsApp APK Download Official 2024

KB WhatsApp is one of the most popular chatting and messaging apps of WhatsApp. We will mention these features in the rest of the article. Read on to understand all the features of the app. KB WhatsApp APK Download One of the most popular messaging apps is WhatsApp. WhatsApp versions KB1, KB2, KB3, and KB4 all have the same features except for icon colors and theme choices.

KB WhatsApp Download iOS v33 is a feature-rich version of the app that prioritizes user security and privacy. It provides strong encryption mechanisms and controls over who can see your status and read receipts.

App Name

KB WhatsApp

App Size

64 MB




WhatsApp MODs



Updated on

Mar 2024

Download the latest version of KB WhatsApp APK for an enhanced messaging experience on your Android device in 2024. Simply click on the download button to obtain the latest version of your preferred choice.

To download the KB WhatsApp Black version, which offers an entirely black theme, click the icon.

 Download the KB WhatsApp Blue version to give your Android device a blue theme appearance. There are a lot of parallels between it and TM WhatsApp.

 Click the download button to receive the KB WhatsApp Red version and give your device the red appearance.

WhatsApp Gold-like colors and themes are available in the KB WhatsApp version of the app.

If you want to download and install KB WhatsApp, you can follow some simple steps.

1: The button above provides the KB WhatsApp download link file.

2: To download the KB WhatsApp APK file, just click the download button and give it some time to finish.

3: Next, go into your phone’s settings and allow the installation of apps from unknown sources.

4: Install KB WhatsApp will be clicked. After a brief wait, it’s done! You can now use the newest version of WhatsApp on your KB.

KB WhatsApp APK offers a plethora of sophisticated functions. However, the following are some of its most notable ones:

Editing Messages

Different from other mods for WhatsApp, changing texts might be difficult. Nevertheless, you can quickly edit messages with the most recent version of the KB WhatsApp APK. Those who inadvertently send messages while rushing will find this function especially helpful.

Customized Font Downloads

You can add custom fonts to KB WhatsApp to make your WhatsApp experience unique. Neither the official WhatsApp nor any other WhatsApp mods support this functionality.

Backup Chat

KB WhatsApp provides the ease of automatic backups, even though backup chat capability is shared amongst different versions of WhatsApp. It is still advised, though, to routinely manually backup your communications.

Settings for Proxy in Banned Countries

KBWA is the suggested option if you want to use KB WhatsApp or any other modified app in a nation where it is prohibited. With the help of its proxy settings, you can use the app without any problems and get around the prohibition.

Share Larger Size Files

Larger files in any format—PDF, MS Word, or Excel—can now be shared on WhatsApp without running into size restrictions. With just one click, you may transmit up to 100 photos or even 50 MB of video at a time.

Show a Blue Tick After Replying 

KB WhatsApp lets you use this functionality on your phone, just as previous Mod versions like GB WhatsApp, SM WhatsApp APK, and AN WhatsApp Application. Even after reading the complete content, you can only see blue ticks when you respond to the sender.

Freeze Last Seen

You can stay online in ghost mode and freeze your last seen by using this KBWA feature. It’s an additional technique to increase your privacy when you’re not feeling well, saving you from having to put up with repulsive messages from your connections asking why you’re not responding.

First, go into your phone’s settings and activate the “Unknown Sources” option. Next, use the link on this page to download the KB WhatsApp APK file (Download Link KB WhatsApp).

Open this app from the notification bar, open WhatsApp, and click the three dots in the top-left corner after the download.

After that, choose “Install” and wait for the installation to complete entirely.

After the installation is complete, use the main phone bar to launch WA Mod and take advantage of its best features.

KB WhatsApp offers enhanced customization options and additional features beyond standard WhatsApp, catering to users seeking a more personalized and versatile messaging experience on their Android devices. Its purpose is to give users greater control, privacy, and convenience in messaging interactions.

The source from which you download KB WhatsApp determines its level of security. KB WhatsApp isn’t available on official app stores like Google because it is a modified version of the official app. Downloading it from unaffiliated sites could pose a potential risk. Therefore, you should download KB WhatsApp from reliable sites like mbwhtspk.

You risk being banned from WhatsApp if you continue to use its outdated version. To prevent getting blocked, you must use the most recent version.

Users can download the modified version of WhatsApp via KB WhatsApp APK Download, which offers more customization choices and improved features. Nonetheless, users must proceed with prudence, considering plausible security hazards or breaches of WhatsApp’s terms of service linked to altered applications. It’s critical to weigh the hazards before installing and only download from reliable sources.

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