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OBWhatsApp Download APK V59 Official Updated (Anti-Ban)

One of the greatest WhatsApp mods is obwhatsapp, which takes the place of the official WhatsApp. Unimaginable features like one-click theme changes, personal chat locks, and anti-delete messages are all included. With a 5-star rating, it’s an excellent, ad-free, anti-ban program that millions use worldwide. This WhatsApp hack has received great user reviews; you can get the most recent version by clicking the link below.

We can instantly conduct audio and video chats with our family members nationally and internationally, making communication far easier than before. Due to the lack of privacy and other desired features offered by conventional WhatsApp, most users now prefer WhatsApp mods.

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I’m positive that obwhatsapp will always be there if you’re searching for a selection of the best WhatsApp mods with outstanding features that are present in the official version.

You can add a privacy lock, change the fonts and themes, and place wallpaper behind the chat. Furthermore, since OBWhatsApp APK has all these integrated functions, you don’t need a separate status downloader or calculator program to hide your photographs and videos. In summary, if you’re looking for new capabilities that basic WhatsApp doesn’t offer, this app is wonderful.

The redesigned Instagram, Snapchat, and WhatsApp apps have greatly simplified life. For both Android and iOS, there are a plethora of mods that are flawless for various purposes. You may download status updates straight from WhatsApp mods, and you can easily manage the download of Instagram reels on iOS devices with the help of Instagram mods. Thus, OB WhatsApp is one of the most well-liked modifications created by Omar Al-Ennabi for customers desiring extra capabilities at no cost.

In addition, millions of people utilize Omar WhatsApp, another name for it this year. It’s a clone of the original WhatsApp, but it has more features, strong privacy protection, and security, so you can use it carefree. Furthermore, this program’s UI is far more attractive than standard WhatsApp, so you may bid farewell to the original, plain WhatsApp and other modifications like GBWhatsApp Pro and WhatsApp Plus, as this app synthesizes all other mods.


The Omar Al-Wardi, popularly known as Pink WhatsApp Ob2whatsapp Omar, is distinguished by its unique interface, sophisticated customization features, and pink color scheme design. These features include dark and bright modes. Using WhatsApp Pink, changing avatars and fonts is simple. In addition, OB2WhatsApp allows you to take advantage of additional sophisticated capabilities provided by GBWhatsApp Lite, like auto-reply, locking chats, downloading status updates directly, and much more, in addition to sharing high-quality photos. It’s the ideal lightweight application with special features that everyone looks for.


Omer Badeeq created WhatsApp Omar Al-Azraq, an alternate name for OB3 WhatsApp. It has a blue color scheme similar to WhatsApp Plus, giving it a unique and modern appearance compared to standard WhatsApp. After downloading Omar WhatsApp Blue, you can enjoy all the capabilities of ordinary WhatsApp, including a built-in lock for particular chats and an easy way to hide WhatsApp media from your phone.


The same developer also created OB4WhatsApp, which goes by WhatsApp Omar Al-Akhdar. It has a lovely green UI, so it was given the name “Al-Akhdar,” which translates to “green” in Arabic. It’s another well-liked WhatsApp mod that can be installed with only one click and provides many functions for free.


The OB5 WhatsApp app gives the WhatsApp app a sleek and energizing look thanks to its eye-catching red development. It reminds me of the red WhatsApp moderators. Thus, you must try this app if red is your preferred color and you think the official WhatsApp’s green hue is boring. Once you download this gorgeous WhatsApp APK, you’ll adore the rich features and customization possibilities.


Like Golden WhatsApp, OB6WhatsApp has a gold UI that gives consumers an amazing visual experience. Every feature in this mod is better than in the stock WhatsApp. Beautiful themes make it simple for people to switch between them whenever they want. WhatsApp Omar Gold has an advantage over GBWhatsApp Pro because of its anti-banned features.

Let’s briefly overview the fantastic features you’ll enjoy after downloading and installing OB WhatsApp on your Android and PC.

Freeze Last Seen

Because you can freeze your last seen time and quickly check status updates, chat with your favorite person, and organize your business notes, you no longer need to notify your WhatsApp contacts that you are using the app.

External Player for Videos

OBWhatsApp offers an external video player, allowing users to customize it according to their preferences. This feature enhances your video-watching experience, providing better control and performance.

Holy Quran & Islamic Additions

Like Adam WhatsApp, OBWhatsApp includes the Holy Quran and additional Islamic features. You can read the Quran anytime and from any place.

Multiple Linguistic

OBWhatsApp supports multiple languages, offering a diverse user experience. While it may cover a limited range of languages, the supported ones are popular and widely used.

Support Dual Accounts

With support for multiple accounts, OBWhatsApp allows you to keep your work and personal WhatsApp separate. Add the contacts of your second account to OBWhatsApp, and switch seamlessly without encountering login and logout issues.

OB Themes Store

Themes can give your WhatsApp a delightful look and are an excellent way to surprise your friends. OBWhatsApp includes a Themes Store where you can download and install numerous themes with just one click, eliminating the need for third-party apps.

Auto-Reply and Schedule Message

Set up auto-replies for when you’re busy, and schedule messages in advance with custom dates and times, ensuring your messages are sent at the most convenient moments.

Block Unwanted Calls & Download Status

With this application, you can compose longer status messages—255 characters instead of 133—and download any eye-catching status. Additionally, you can block any unsolicited calls from the settings based on your performance.

Privacy Control

With ObWhatsApp, APK can hide the last picture you have seen of a person while conversing with them and even protect your chat with the built-in lock. Furthermore, you can hide any media received from WhatsApp with the support of this application.

Anti-Delete Messages

OB WA ensures that chats can’t be deleted from your side once they’re sent. It also features anti-view once, allowing you to view any media as often as possible.

Click on the top download button and wait a few seconds for the download to complete. After downloading the OB App, go to your mobile settings and enable the option named “Unknown Sources.” Now, return to the file, tap install, enter your contact number, and enjoy!

No, you can’t use this application on your iOS device because it’s designed exclusively for Android users. However, you can install this application on your PC or Windows using emulators.

You can update the Ob WhatsApp APK by navigating to “Additions and Features” in your app. Then, tap on “Update” to install the latest version of this application.

Yes, if you spend a significant amount of time on WhatsApp, you should give this a try. Ob WhatsApp comes with a dark mode that provides a comfortable look for your eyes at night.

OBWhatsApp V59 offers a wealth of features for users looking for more customization and advanced functionalities in their messaging app. Its anti-ban functionality provides an added layer of security, making it a reliable choice for many. By following the guidelines for downloading and installing the APK, users can enjoy a personalized and secure messaging experience.

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