MB WhatsApp iOS: How Can I Schedule My Messages?

MB WhatsApp iOS: How Can I Schedule My Messages?

Because MB WhatsApp iOS has so many unique features that enthral customers worldwide, its popularity has soared. One of this application’s most innovative features is the ability to “MBWhatsApp iOS schedule messages” and “Auto Reply,” which gives users more ease and control over their communications.

Because we can’t afford to risk upsetting or disappointing our loved ones, we frequently have to stay up till midnight on birthdays or other special occasions. This symbol tells the people we care about that they hold a particular place in our hearts and that their happiness is essential to us.

It can be burdensome if you have an early or busy sleep schedule. MBWhatsApp iOS Schedule Messages provides you with the fantastic option of Scheduling messages to resolve this dilemma. You may be aware of this, but you must learn how to use this incredible feature on your gadget. Well, it’s as simple as pie; you only need to follow a few easy steps.

Using the scheduling tool, you can write messages beforehand and automatically send them to specific contacts on a particular day and time. Although scheduling text messages via this application is simple, it might be daunting for novice users.

Thus, you can schedule WhatsApp messages by following the detailed instructions below to make things even more accessible. You may also view the photographs for further understanding, so allow me to pull back the curtain with steps.

Once the new version of MB WhatsApp has been installed, touch the app’s icon on your Android device to view conversations with friends and coworkers. Here, press the “More” option at the top.

You’ll notice a pop-up window with several options after selecting “More,” including “New groups,” “LinkedIn Devices,” “Archived Chats,” “Auto reply,” and “Message Schedule” at the bottom.

You can arrange this message for a Specific Contact at a specific date and time by tapping on the “Message Schedule” option, which will provide additional specifics. For that contact, you can compose a personalized message. Once finished, hit the “Tick” sign in the lower right corner.

It’s important to note that you can even plan your friends and family’s birthdays at the beginning of the year. Thus, your message will be sent to the individuals who have listed it here at precisely the same time and date. Given my busy schedule, I appreciate this astounding function since it greatly aids in time and energy conservation. You will undoubtedly love this incredible feature as well!

From the previous steps, pick the plus symbol beneath the text area after composing the message. In the search bar of the window that appears, type “WhatsApp.”

Choose “Send a message through WhatsApp” when the dropdown menu opens, then choose the recipient, click next, and finally click Done.

The shortcut application will inform you of the scheduled time of the message. Clicking the notification will take you to the window for the expected message campaign. From there, select “send.”

That’s all; the Shortcuts app will deliver your message at the precise time you specify. You can modify your scheduled message or time at any point before the scheduled time.

It’s crucial to remember that to automate this operation fully, you must turn off “Ask before running.” The shortcut won’t operate without your consent if this isn’t met. Also, the intended timing for the delivery of your message will not occur.

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You can easily enable both from MB WhatsApp iOS; there is currently no restriction.

No, there isn’t a limit as of yet; you can arrange messages for several contacts from your list at once.

Yes, this feature is also available to you.

MBWhatsApp iOS Scheduling messages in offers users a convenient way to plan and automate communication, ensuring important messages are sent at the right time. This feature enhances productivity and organization, allowing users to stay connected without being bound by real-time constraints.

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